It’s time for you to travel!


With age comes the rewards of time and often finances to travel. Whether that’s locally or internationally, we have you covered at the AZ Travel & Vacations Expo, a show within a show! This one-of-a-kind event will showcase travel destinations for both the seasoned traveler and the first-timer, as well as for the weekend warrior or the leisurely vacationer.

Highlights of this show include seminars, giveaways, vacation destinations, live entertainment, dessert and brew pub tastings, along with expert speakers in the travel field.


Here’s your chance to meet a gathering of tour operators, travel planners and agents, cruise lines as well as destination sites to help you navigate your next excursion with ease! We’ve brought together a who’s who of destination opportunities, many of whom you may never have even thought of!


Destinations, Getaways & Experiences


Stroll along the aisles to meet with New Mexico, Nevada, Southern California, Arizona, the Caribbean and other great vacation spots throughout the world. You’ll be sure to pick up some great travel tips and tricks!


Beyond destination hot spots, the expo also has you covered with great touring and accommodations, along with excursions and new experiences. You can even experience diving for the very first time, in GoDiveNow’s 65,000 gallon pool – you’ll literally get your feet wet and experience how easy it is to learn to dive!

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